A Vegan Guide to Derry ~ Londonderry

Finally, I have put together a vegan guide to Derry ~ Londonderry, and I hope you’ll find it useful!!  It’s not the first place many people would think of for vegan friendly places to eat out, but Derry actually has many options for the plant-based eater. To be honest, anywhere can be vegan friendly with a few tweaks to some dishes and asking the right questions.

vegan guide to derry londonderry


After returning from my last travelling adventure I came to live in Derry, my mum’s hometown and where I had been coming to visit every summer to see family.  For a small city it’s got a lot going on and I got the chance to get involved with lots of great classes during my time living in Derry, from lindy hop to burlesque dancing, raw cacao ceremonies to learning to hoop in the local circus school.

Having spent a few months living in Bali, a vegan haven, just before my return to the UK, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to find in terms of vegan options.  But it turns out Derry has lots to offer vegans.  So here’s my vegan guide to Derry, a selection of places that I have eaten at that have at least one vegan option, or will create something off-menu for you.


A Vegan Guide to Derry ~ Londonderry

Synge and Byrne

There’s always a mix of salads up at the counter to choose from.  You can pick any three to create your own salad bowl, and buy individual portions as a side.

There’s also a vegan quiche available made with tofu instead of egg which is really good.  Depending on the soup of the day, this can also be another option, and is nice served with sourdough bread.


Gate Bistro and Cocktail Bar

A great place for fresh smoothies and juices.  Vegan meal options include the vegetable thai green curry served with rice and the vegetable stir fry made with rice noodles, so good for those eating a gluten free diet as well as vegan.



At Guapo you create your own combination to fill your box or taco.  The bean chilli is so filling.  You can choose between two flavours of rice, and top with all the veggies, salsa and guacamole to make a super satisfying meal to go or sit in.  And you get so much food for the price!


The Warehouse

Definitely the best vegan lattes in town, with a choice of almond or soya mylk.  I have found the soup of the day to be almost always a vegan option, and the staff were always great at letting me exchange the bread for potato wedges or salad.  Such a nice place to come chill on a Sunday and listen to live music, or curl up on the sofa with a good book and coffee.



This is such a cosy traditional Irish pub, and vegans can still enjoy a hearty meal.  The vegetable stir fry can be made vegan by swapping out the egg noodles for rice.  The red thai curry used to be a great vegan option, but when I recently checked again they now add cream to the sauce which is a shame.  Hopefully they’ll return to just making it with coconut mylk.  Jacket potatoes that come with various choices of sides and fillings are another filling menu option, those garlic roasties are too good!


Café Gate in The Village

Jacket potatoes, soups and salads have all been vegan options I’ve enjoyed here.  And it’s in a lovely setting tucked away in the quaint part of town in The Village.



There are so many vegan friendly options on Saffron’s menu, with coeliac and reduced fat options also available, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Lentil dahls, channa massalla (chickpea curry), alloo jeera (curried potato) and vegetable bhajee are just a few of the many choices for vegans.  Full of flavour and zero cruelty food!


Browns in Town

From vegetable stir fry to dairy free risotto, Browns have some good options for vegans.  Just ask for the veggie menu!


Walled City Brewery

I’ve only been here once for food, and although I couldn’t see anything suitable on the menu that was entirely vegan, the chef made up a delicious salad with all sorts of tasty toppings.  A great place for cocktails and on-site brewed beer, and good to know vegans can still get a tasty meal too.



Another great place for vegans, near the Walled City Brewery in Ebrington square.  The thai green curry served with rice is really good (skip the naan which has butter in), and the pine nut salad and sweet potato fries are my favourite side options.  Check out the daily specials too, the chickpea stew was on offer last time I was in and it was delicious!  Great portions and prices too!


Shipquay Natural Health Clinic

A place to come to nourish mind and body, from fresh cold pressed juices to full body massages in sumptuous surroundings.  You can even join a workshop to learn to juice for vitality.


Primrose on the Quay

The setting of this cute little café right on the water front is so lovely, especially on a sunny day.  The soup tends to be a suitable vegan option, and the chunky chips are really tasty.


The Sooty Olive

It’s been a while since I ate here, but I was able to get a lovely vegan dish so I wasn’t left out when I went out for my cousins birthday meal with the family.  The assistant manager there is vegan and they cook to order using locally grown organic produce, so you’ll have no trouble getting a tasty creative plant-based meal here.


Just after a coffee?

As well as many of the above, The Scullery, an independent café next to In Your Space Circus school, is a good place to grab a soya latte.

The mainstream places like Costa, Starbucks, M & S, Sainsburys, Debenhams and Café Nero all do soya lattes and some vegan snacks too.

I’m sure there are more places I haven’t had the chance to eat at that also do vegan dishes in Derry.  So if you know of anywhere please add it to the comments below.

I only had my phone on me at the time of eating my way through these vegan dishes in Derry, and the pictures just really didn’t do the food justice so apologies for the lack of food pics.   Tag your vegan food pics with @benourishednutrition on instagram, or add them below.


I hope this vegan guide to Derry will be helpful to vegans visiting stroke city or those who are thinking about going vegan but don’t want to miss out when eating out with friends and family for food.  Have you checked out any of these places for plant-based food and drinks?

Mindy x

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2 thoughts on “A Vegan Guide to Derry ~ Londonderry

  1. Places you have left out:
    Danano Pizzeria (in lower Clarendon St)
    The only vegan thing on the menu is risotto, but I have found that they will make any of their pizzas without the cheese, and I usually ask for extra tomato sauce or pesto to replace the cheese. Their calzone is particularly good without cheese.

    Mama Masala (on the waterfront between Dananos and the Council offic s)
    They offer a fusion of pizzas and Indian cuisine. Many of their Indian dishes are vegan.

    Cedar a taste of Lebanon (Carlisle Rd)
    This is one of the biggest omissions. They have a full Lebanese menu with many vegetarian dishes. Their Vegetarian Mezze is particularly good.

    On the coffee shop front your big omission was Coffee Tree (Strand Rd opposite the Cinema). They always have almond milk. They usually have a vegan soup. They make a great green tea (is it macca?) with frothy almond milk.
    They make “kalonaise” (a sort of kale pesto) so when we have their soup we ask for some of that with our bread instead of butter.
    They have generous salads.
    They bake their own scones, cakes and biscuits, most of which are NOT vegan but Mulvenna (sp?) the pastry chef is always experimenting – it is well worth asking if any of the cakes are vegan. If she is working on a vegan version she might just include you as one of her guinea pigs!

    1. George, thank-you for so many more suggestions. My list is just the ones I personally made it to, so there’s definitely more out there 🙂 yes a few people have mentioned coffee tree and cedar to me now, next time I’m back in Derry they’re top of my list to try. I’ll happily be the taste tester for those vegan cakes!! 😀

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